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Reserve the Right

“Protostar is a program that serves to enhance young people’s exposure to and knowledge of engineering and mechanics. As such, we are constrained to limit our sponsorship, under our expressive association rights guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, to those sponsors whose advertisements and goals are, at the least, inoffensive to young people and their parents. Thus, we reserve the right to refuse sponsorship from any organization for any reason whatsoever."

Young People!

Would you like to build an eye-popping, jaw dropping, fire breathing, and ground pounding miniature scale model like these, in sizzling competition so fierce, it’ll make you cry "Havoc!, Awesome!!, Phat!! I'm down with that!!!"

Parents and Guardians

Would you like to enhance your child’s education?

Well, you can and in areas that may lead to careers in the field of engineering!

 Can you afford this? Yes!

Scholarships are available for disadvantaged and low-income families for our three premier programs:

( note: handicap youth may pre-register so that adequate arrangements can be made.)

If you like putting things together and taking things apart, you'll love this engineering program!



We teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by building and racing radio and remote control scale models which are miniature robotics duplicates, of airplanes, boats, and cars, guiding youth toward careers and job skills in the field of engineering.

The key idea of Protostar is the quick transfer of STEM knowledge. Since the R/C scale model and the full size vehicle operate on the same scientific theory, using the same hi-technology parts, with precisely the same mechanical engineering, and operate on the same mathematic principles; If you have learned one, then you will understand the other. We simply assist the students to connect the dots from the miniature scale duplicate model they have built to the full scale real vehicle. The miniature scale duplicate model kits are just as real, but a ‘wee bit smaller.


Saturday, June 14, 2014: Protostar Formula 1 Charity Race: 2480 W. Badger Rd. Custer, Wa

Program info:

Registration starts now! Go to schedule. For the registration form, click contact us.

Classes start in Tacoma on June 16, 2014. For Seattle and Bellingham, June 23rd, 2014.

Note to Sponsors (go to Sponsorship)

Note to Parents and Students (go to Schedule)

Protostar, winner of the 2013 Tamiya TCS GT Spec Class. National Champion, Aliso Viejo, CA

Can you tell which of these cars is the real full scale and which one is the real scale model?